Brief music history of Memphis


Hello everybody and we are back with another post from the same Memphis post. Today we just want to talk to you a little bit about the Music history of Memphis Tennessee.

as you know, Memphis is the town that is widely known for its music. Very famous come here over the years to record songs. Some of the most famous musicians of all such as Michael Jackson, and many others.  This town is one that has so much music history that you could write multiple books on it. Everybody comes to Memphis at least one time if they are musically inclined in any sense.

Memphis started as a small town that just had a couple little saloons in it  and then many musicians started traveling through this town because one of the saloons had an amazing piano made of ivory. This ivory piano played music like nothing else could ever do. Musician I have to musician came and played the piano and they were absolutely amazed on the type of sound that this piano could make. After a while, Memphis started picking up a reputation for being known for music because all the big-time musicians came to play that piano.  After word got out, tons of people started moving to Tennessee. Then more musicians started coming through. Years later musicians started coming to Memphis to you right there songs and get inspiration on music from the story of the old piano. After that people started moving  to Memphis and recording songs to try and become the next most popular music icon.

you said that rapper Drake has a house out in Memphis where his dad lives and he has a private studio and then home. It is things like that that make us proud to say we have lived in Memphis.  The music culture is so rich and full of life. There has literally been music in the city of Memphis for over 75 years now. It is a very popular area for country singers as many of them come to play their concerts in our town.

That is all we have to share for today on Memphis Tennessee and we hope you liked our short little post.

Music in Memphis

A very large hello to all of our friends. Same Memphis post is back again with another awesome topic for you guys  and that is the music industry. We are going to little bit off topic from the city of Memphis today and we will be talking about music. This post does have to do with the city because Memphis is the music capital of the world.

The music industry is a very interesting business because there are a lot of weird things about it. There are many artists that you look at in wonder why they are famous. For example, why is rapper young thug even famous? His writing is absolutely terrible  yet for some reason everybody likes his music and nobody knows why.

There is a lot of controversy over the illuminati being connected to the music industry. It is said that every famous music artist sells their soul to the devil to get their fame and fortune because that makes a whole lot of sense. How could something just conjure up a bunch of money out of nowhere into somebody’s bank account? They say that the illuminati are devil worshiping walking lizard man. Obviously if you were lizard man then they would look like giant lizards not like humans.

There is a lot more interesting things about the music and just stray such as the dark side of it.  There’s a lot of weird stuff that goes on with in the music industry that is on explainable. You see these rap stars and pop stars that have all the money in the world and the greatest life you could possibly imagine, yet they are still very depressed with their lives. This is something that we don’t understand because they literally have everything.  That is the catch right there though, many of these music artists hates all the publicity that they get. That is the downside to having all that money and fame because you get the harassment of the media and crazy fans chasing you down and what not.  Some artists are very good at handling things like this because you love. But for example seniors like Justin Bieber obviously can’t handle things like this because they outlandish and do things I drive a car high on Xanax when dragracing in Florida. There are a lot of outlast shoes from  super famous people because they never grew up in a real world said, they literally grew up in a fantasy lifestyle.   Imagine being 15 years old and you’re in the limelight of the whole world making millions of dollars. That is something that we here at Memphis post cannot even fathom.

The music industry is great though even though it has a dark side. Without music what would the world do? We literally associate and connect through music. Music is the one thing that brings people and coaches together. It is also something that just sooths people in general.  Music speaks it’s on language and that is why Memphis is the greatest city in the world because it was built off music. It being the musical capital of the world, Memphis is literally the greatest place to be on earth! Music culture here is so diverse and classical. Music has been in this town for over 100 years and it is what the city has thrived off of and built its community.


The best places to eat in Memphis

Sports bar Memphis

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog and today I wanted to talk to you about the best restaurants to eat at in the city of Memphis Tennessee. It is an awesome day on a Saturday morning here on June 4, 2016  and without further ado let us get started. I would like to start off by telling you thank you for coming to our blog again and I hope you like what I have to share with you guys today. All right I will be sharing with you a list of the top three restaurants in Memphis Tennessee.

The Memphis grill. This is by far my number one favorite restaurant in Tennessee because of the fact that it was one of the original restaurants of Memphis. The food here is absolutely amazing, the two best dishes they make are the lobster tail and the T-bone steak. Let me  tell you that until you have had the dishes at this restaurant you have not experienced a true steak or lobster tail yet. The first bite you take out of that T-bone steak, your taste buds will be on fire as the meat just literally melts in your mouth.  Same as the lobster tail. The way they cook it makes it so buttery and melting your mouth good that you’re just drooling all over yourself by the next time you come to the restaurant. This restaurant is greater for more things then just the food as well. I love this restaurant because  of the very awesome vibe that it gives off. You walk into this restaurant and it will literally light up your whole day. They have a professional piano player playing classical music with a professional harp player fucking the strings of elegance on the other side of the restaurant. When you sit down you will be greeted by someone dressed in a full suit who is eager to take your order and give the best customer service you can possibly imagine. Next they will set you down in the most awesome sitting at the nicest table you could possibly imagine.  After that they will bring you bread and butter that is to die for and then  they will be ready to take your order.

The Memphis bar. The Memphis bar is a little bit less nice of a restaurant as the Memphis grill. It is something that is for a very casual night out with you and your friends. They are a sports bar that focuses on serving food like burgers, hotdogs,  Pizza, and many other American delights. They still do certain things like steak which is still to die for by the way. I will also love the vibe of this restaurant because it gives off a very homey feel. Even though the other restaurant is five stars and it is very nice, nobody feels like dressing up every night and going to a fancy dinner. Sometimes people just want to sit down and enjoy something simple, talk to their friends, and drink a couple beers. You can feel free to sit back and enjoy  One of the best burgers in town as you watch your favorite sports team from a large selection of sports they have playing at one time. That is probably the coolest part. They have baseball, basketball, football, NASCAR, Formula One, boxing, and pretty much every sport you can think of inside that sports bar. So if you’re looking for a restaurant that is very homey and is going to fill you up that you can have a good time with your friends at, then the Memphis bar is where you should go.

Just a quick little recap for you guys here. We talked about the two very best restaurants that you can visit in town for two different occasions. So next time you are in Memphis Tennessee, make sure to eat at both of these places because they are going to rock your world!

Welcome to the same Memphis post

Bonjour everyone, and welcome to our new blog. This is a blog that is about the city of Memphis Tennessee. You can basically think of this as a tribute blog to the city of Memphis because It’s a musical culture. The city has so much history with music it is crazy. Did you know that Drake’s dad lives in the city? Yep that is a true fact. A lot of very famous musicians have come out of this town. It is a city that has a bunch of musically talented people.

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Besides music there is so much more that Memphis has to offer. Four instance, they have a very large food culture as well as good country festivals. They are in the state of Tennessee after all. It does not get more cowboy than out in the Midwest. Memphis is all-around a beautiful city and anybody should take a chance to live in it.

My name is Paul and I wrote this blog, I grew up in Memphis Tennessee and it was such an awesome experience. We did so many cool things going up and we do not regret a single thing. Check out my about section

We will be sharing with you in this blog all the great things about Memphis and the different activities that you can do.