The old town Tavern


A big welcome back to all of our guests and all of yours to the blog as well. Today I will be talking to you about the old town Tavern that used to be in Memphis when I was growing up in my 20s.

The old town Tavern was a very awesome place and it had many different people from many walks of life.  You would see various musicians there, piano players, regular town people, old people, young people, and just about any different type of person.  This was a place where everybody could come together and have a good time. The old town Tavern was a bar and Grill that was in Memphis a good number of years ago. It closed down because it’s slowly stopped seeing business over the years. It was located in the old town of Memphis that was a little bit off where the new part is so the tourists didn’t know about it. That is why they saw less and less business.

One time when I was there I met a very interesting person. His name is John and he was traveling through Memphis on his way to New York.  He was a very interesting man and had many different cool stories. He was somebody that was quite a bit older than me and I had a lot of life experiences. I really loved talking to him because he had many life lessons to share with me. He also really loved to talk about roofing because out of all the things that was his profession. He owned a roofing website that did very well. He created the site so that when anyone would go onto Google and search, “roofing contractors near me“, his site would pop up and he would work with other roofers on taking care of the jobs. And more particularly, his site showcasing the best Roofing Springfield Mo has to offer – was extremely successful as well (and he helped build the old Town Tavern that we’re talking about on this blog page, as his company travels alot and dos a lot of roofing!)  Quite genius if you ask me! He talked to greatly about this profession because it was his absolute passion. He said the best thing he got out of it was helping people. And if he could not help a buddy, then he would not be in that business.

overall John was a very awesome person to have met at the old town Tavern. Most people that I met were like him which was the best part about the tavern. Like I said before, it always attracted the most interesting people from all over the world. Everybody who I meant there was quite amazing and they all had such unique story.