Music in Memphis

A very large hello to all of our friends. Same Memphis post is back again with another awesome topic for you guys  and that is the music industry. We are going to little bit off topic from the city of Memphis today and we will be talking about music. This post does have to do with the city because Memphis is the music capital of the world.

The music industry is a very interesting business because there are a lot of weird things about it. There are many artists that you look at in wonder why they are famous. For example, why is rapper young thug even famous? His writing is absolutely terrible  yet for some reason everybody likes his music and nobody knows why.

There is a lot of controversy over the illuminati being connected to the music industry. It is said that every famous music artist sells their soul to the devil to get their fame and fortune because that makes a whole lot of sense. How could something just conjure up a bunch of money out of nowhere into somebody’s bank account? They say that the illuminati are devil worshiping walking lizard man. Obviously if you were lizard man then they would look like giant lizards not like humans.

There is a lot more interesting things about the music and just stray such as the dark side of it.  There’s a lot of weird stuff that goes on with in the music industry that is on explainable. You see these rap stars and pop stars that have all the money in the world and the greatest life you could possibly imagine, yet they are still very depressed with their lives. This is something that we don’t understand because they literally have everything.  That is the catch right there though, many of these music artists hates all the publicity that they get. That is the downside to having all that money and fame because you get the harassment of the media and crazy fans chasing you down and what not.  Some artists are very good at handling things like this because you love. But for example seniors like Justin Bieber obviously can’t handle things like this because they outlandish and do things I drive a car high on Xanax when dragracing in Florida. There are a lot of outlast shoes from  super famous people because they never grew up in a real world said, they literally grew up in a fantasy lifestyle.   Imagine being 15 years old and you’re in the limelight of the whole world making millions of dollars. That is something that we here at Memphis post cannot even fathom.

The music industry is great though even though it has a dark side. Without music what would the world do? We literally associate and connect through music. Music is the one thing that brings people and coaches together. It is also something that just sooths people in general.  Music speaks it’s on language and that is why Memphis is the greatest city in the world because it was built off music. It being the musical capital of the world, Memphis is literally the greatest place to be on earth! Music culture here is so diverse and classical. Music has been in this town for over 100 years and it is what the city has thrived off of and built its community.


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