Brief music history of Memphis


Hello everybody and we are back with another post from the same Memphis post. Today we just want to talk to you a little bit about the Music history of Memphis Tennessee.

as you know, Memphis is the town that is widely known for its music. Very famous come here over the years to record songs. Some of the most famous musicians of all such as Michael Jackson, and many others.  This town is one that has so much music history that you could write multiple books on it. Everybody comes to Memphis at least one time if they are musically inclined in any sense.

Memphis started as a small town that just had a couple little saloons in it  and then many musicians started traveling through this town because one of the saloons had an amazing piano made of ivory. This ivory piano played music like nothing else could ever do. Musician I have to musician came and played the piano and they were absolutely amazed on the type of sound that this piano could make. After a while, Memphis started picking up a reputation for being known for music because all the big-time musicians came to play that piano.  After word got out, tons of people started moving to Tennessee. Then more musicians started coming through. Years later musicians started coming to Memphis to you right there songs and get inspiration on music from the story of the old piano. After that people started moving  to Memphis and recording songs to try and become the next most popular music icon.

you said that rapper Drake has a house out in Memphis where his dad lives and he has a private studio and then home. It is things like that that make us proud to say we have lived in Memphis.  The music culture is so rich and full of life. There has literally been music in the city of Memphis for over 75 years now. It is a very popular area for country singers as many of them come to play their concerts in our town.

That is all we have to share for today on Memphis Tennessee and we hope you liked our short little post.

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