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Bonjour everyone, and welcome to our new blog. This is a blog that is about the city of Memphis Tennessee. You can basically think of this as a tribute blog to the city of Memphis because It’s a musical culture. The city has so much history with music it is crazy. Did you know that Drake’s dad lives in the city? Yep that is a true fact. A lot of very famous musicians have come out of this town. It is a city that has a bunch of musically talented people.

heres a cool video

Besides music there is so much more that Memphis has to offer. Four instance, they have a very large food culture as well as good country festivals. They are in the state of Tennessee after all. It does not get more cowboy than out in the Midwest. Memphis is all-around a beautiful city and anybody should take a chance to live in it.

My name is Paul and I wrote this blog, I grew up in Memphis Tennessee and it was such an awesome experience. We did so many cool things going up and we do not regret a single thing. Check out my about section

We will be sharing with you in this blog all the great things about Memphis and the different activities that you can do.


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